The use of AudioTherapy Method
during hemodialysis sessions
AudioTherapy as a method of psychological and pedagogical support for hemodialisys patients is intended for use in medical institutions directly during renal replacement therapy. Indications for use of the technique are the need to increase the tolerance of treatment sessions and the formation of a positive attitude towards medical procedures.

Listening to music playlists as a part of AudioTherapy is carried out using individual players and headphones. Before listening to music playlists, each device is disinfected: the surface of the headphones and the parts of the headphones adjacent to the head are processed. Also, the practice of AudioTherapy implies the use of disposable hygienic covers for headphones for every patient.

After listening to music playlists by one patient, the equipment is also disinfected, disposable hygiene covers for headphones are utilized, the devices are being prepared for use by the next patient.

For the practice of AudioTherapy, closed wired headphones, semi-professional or professional, with a wide range of reproduced frequencies, are required. An important clause is a comfortable, durable, preferably with a metal headband design construction, as well as soft, leather, comfortable ear cushions for landing on the head. These recommendations were formed on the basis of feedback from patients with repeated testing of AudioTherapy method in medical institutions.
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