AudioTherapy as a patient-centered approach
AudioTherapy implies an individual approach to each patient, which consists in determining the needs, psychological state, nature and severity of disorders, as well as studying musical preferences. The determination of these parameters is realized through psychological and pedagogical conversation, as well as psychological tests according to the parameters: anxiety, depression, locus of control and coping strategies.

AudioTherapy includes listening to specially selected playlists that combine classical music and nature sounds. Listening to playlists is carried out individually (not in group), during which the patient’s "internal work" occurs, the tolerance of the hemodialysis session increases due to the skills of self-regulation and aestheticization of the hospital environment. Based on the study of psychological and pedagogical patient’s characteristics, his condition, his personal preferences and needs, carrying out audiotherapeutic work aimed at individual patient’s needs is possible.

Targeting a playlist is an essential condition for achieving therapeutic contact and transforming a patient’s negative psychological state into a neutral or a positive one.
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