The use of AudioTherapy as part of music therapy in the context of inpatient care
Music therapy is a method of psychological and pedagogical support of patients using music as the main instrument of effect. The method has been widely used in the treatment and rehabilitation of adults and children suffering from somatic and mental diseases, in the correction of the psychosocial aspects of the disease and disorders, in psychological, pedagogical and educational work.

There are three main methods of music therapy such as receptive, active and integrative. AudioTherapy — as a receptive method of music therapy — implies specially selected music programs, where patient acts as a listener. These music programs are targeted at the active internal work of the patient during listening. This work expresses in reflective activity, living a personal experiences through a musical material, decision making through music and the reflection of patient's own feelings.

AudioTherapy does not require the active physical participation of patient in the musical therapeutic process unlike the active or integrative method. So the method is used in outpatient clinics and inpatient hospital wards with the aim of regulating and correcting the emotional and psychological state, increasing tolerance to treating and medical procedures of patients with diseases of varying severity.
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